An Amazing World of Online Sports Betting Sites

There are many people who bet on important sports events. Online sports betting is all about predicting and betting on the sports results. Many people all over the world bet in this type of gambling. In the past, betting was done at the site when the game was going on. With the advancement of technology, people took to online betting sitting in front of the computer at the comfort of their house. This type of gambling has become increasingly popular among the betters because of the benefits that it provides. There are innumerable sites powered by software application that promote sports betting live on the web. Some of the popular sites are given below:

1. Bodog Sportsbook: Being a major player in the sports betting industry, Bodog Sportsbook is considered the best underdog lines on the web. It has most of the sports and wagering action from NBA to NFL that are big games and is fully federally licensed by the government of Antigua. It is also well-known for fast payouts, easy withdrawal system, security, customer service excellence and sports betting options. It provides limitless betting options ranging from multi sport parlays to player and team props.

2. Since its inception in 1998, has been a popular online sports betting site. Being a premier online sports destination, it has consistently set standards in the industry and has twice won “Sportsbook of the Year” award from eGaming Reviews. It is the biggest online sportsbook in the world that offer online casino, horse racing, poker room and mobile client.

3. Sportsbook: This claimed as the Top Ranked Sportsbook by Insider’s Betting Guide for being the most reliable information source. The customer loyalty programs introduced by are its hallmark as it is the most rewarding one in the industry.

4. Players Only: Players only is one of the best poker games available on the net. Loaded with Play Aces software, it offers many features, games and top class customer service.

5. This is the nice online betting destination to bet on the NFL or NBA. This site has the record turnover of active users and is featured in all the popular channels like CNN, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, USA Today, etc.

Worgen Guide – Worgen Traits, Abilities and Classes for WoW Cataclysm

If you’re like me, you’re probably curious about the new Worgen race in WoW Cataclysm. This Worgen guide will introduce you to the racial traits and abilities for this intriguing new race.

Firstly, you should note that this new race will fall under the Alliance faction. Worgens are shape-shifters and your toon will be able to assume the sexy new werewolf form (which are all the rage these days) or human form.

Worgen Abilities and Traits

  • Aberration – This ability reduces all the effects of curses and diseases by 15%
  • Darkflight – This ability increases your movement by 70% for 10 seconds
  • Flayer – Your skinning skills will be enhanced by 15 and you’ll be able to skin 0.5 seconds faster
  • Running Wild – Your racial mount… is you! Drop on all fours and go!
  • Two Forms – As mentioned earlier, you can go about in Worgen or Human form. Your Worgen form will be used in combat.
  • Viciousness – Your critical strike chance is increased by 1%

Worgen Classes

You will be able to pick up the following classes if you choose to roll a Worgen:

  1. Death Knight
  2. Druid (imagine how many shape shifted forms you can take up with this one!)
  3. Hunter
  4. Mage
  5. Priest
  6. Rogue
  7. Warlock
  8. Warrior

I quickly realized that regardless of which class you pick for your Worgen character, playing a Worgen is going to be awesome. The racial abilities that Worgens have give them an advantage in dealing damage, running or catching enemies, PvP and leveling.

It’s a pity that we won’t be able to roll a Shaman Worgen or Paladin Worgen, but with the choices we have to pick from, I’m not complaining. The graphics for the male Worgen look very cool, but the female Worgens appear slightly disproportionate to me. Hopefully, Blizzard will fix this before Cataclysm is released. Till then, I hope you’ve found this article informative and helpful!

AoC Races – A Quick Guide to the Age of Conan Races

The first thing you’re going to need to do when you start playing Age of Conan is to determine which race your character is going to be. The Age of Conan races determine which character classes you can pick and so you’ll want to think about your character’s race carefully instead of just picking one based on looks.

Currently, Age of Conan only has three different races to choose from, so it won’t get too confusing. Each race is more or less based upon a historical ethnic group. For example, the Aquilonians are probably most like the Romans at the height of the Roman empire and they are known for their culture, prosperity and great cities.

The Cimmerians, on the other hand, are based upon the Celts with probably a dash of Nordic influence and they are essentially a barbarian race from the mountains and highlands. Conan himself is a Cimmerian. And then the Stygians are desert people and snake worshipers and they are somewhat based upon ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

There are some other races in the game as well, but they are currently only NPCs, though they may eventually become playable in future Age of Conan expansions.


  • Priest of Mitra
  • Assassin
  • Ranger
  • Barbarian
  • Guardian
  • Conqueror
  • Dark Templar


  • Bear Shaman
  • Ranger
  • Barbarian
  • Guardian
  • Conqueror
  • Dark Templar


  • Tempest ofSet
  • Assassin
  • Ranger
  • Demonologist
  • Necromancer
  • Herald of Xotli

Each of the classes fall under a particular archetype, Rogue, Priest, Soldier or Mage and its fairly obvious from the class titles which fall under which archetypes. While each race has a choice of several class optons to pick from, since they also have some natural advantages in certain classes, you may want to let that guide your selection.

The Cimmerians are particularly good at the martial arts, such as swordplay; the Stygians are naturally drawn towards the dark and magical arts (and are the only character class that can be Mages); and the Aquilonian fall somewhere in the middle of the other two races, making it an ideal race if you prefer to play characters with a balanced skill-set.

Las Vegas and the Underage Gambler

Going back to when I was a hot wee lass of 19 years old… and I’m not saying how far back that is!

I went to Vegas for the first time with a guy “friend” of mine. I took care of making our reservations at the Hard Rock Hotel which had just had their Grand Opening! And “he” made our reservations on Greyhound.

It was obvious that this guy had the hots for me… and yet this is how he was trying to impress?! Eeeek.

Anyhow, I had my bags, was all packed up, I was dressed to the nines (still very excited) and ready to hit the road.

The bus ride seemed like it took forever and a year (which only takes 3.5hrs by car). We made a pit-stop in good ‘ol Barstow – ya know… where you go to get your “kicks on route 66″… Well I don’t know who wrote that song or what “they” do to get their “kicks”, but I’ll tell ya where it’s not happening for me… in BARSTOW! Sorry Barstownions – no offense.

Then the lovely bus ride (full of weirdos) continued; finally we pull into downtown Las Vegas – which is waaay the hell off of the strip and Mister Cheapie Pants here doesn’t want to split a cab. If he could split a penny – he would – I’m so SERIOUS! So on foot we go. I’m a big fan of walking, so it’s really not a problem – aside from lugging around all of my bags and that I’m in high heels (I’m not that tall), and like I previously mentioned “dressed to the nines”! So we walked and we walked, and you’d never think that these hotels are so freakin far away from each other until you walk the strip, and realize just how long it took you!

Finally we arrived at our hotel. Time to check in. As usual with any check in process, they ask to see my identification and credit card. However unlike any other check in process, once I handed everything over, there was a PROBLEM. It’s explained to me that they can’t check me in because I’m under 21!

Nice… because they didn’t seem to think it was a problem when I prepaid for the room.

Well luckily my buddy over here was over 21, so we used his ID. But talk about the nerve – they had absolutely no problem taking money from someone who was under 21, yet now I was a second class citizen or something!

All checked in, we grab our bags and make a beeline to check out our room, and then get ready to paint the town and of course do a little bit of gambling.

Our schedule for the rest of our time was Shows, Food, Gambling, Shows, Food, Gambling, etc, etc, etc..

I was a bundle of nerves, each and every time I went to a table to play cards all I could think about was getting carded – asking to see checking my ID. I was so focused on that, I didn’t really care at all about losing my gambling money – and I hate losing money!

I made out with more than I started with and more than enough to pay for my portion of the entire trip! I’m not treating this Dud!


Things didn’t go quite as smoothly in a few of the many trips to come —

I was thrown out of casinos, stranded in the middle of the desert, left sitting on curbs, got into my share of fights, hung out with the whales, got comps at every turn, had my ‘Indecent Proposal’ experience…

BUT – I simply never lost, I always won $$$ – bring me the money!!!

So of course I kept coming back for more!

And then it happened – I turned 21 and now being totally relaxed and at ease about having my ID checked, (I almost wanted to flash it around just for the heck of it) the only concern I had was about losing my money and guess what happened next…

YUP, I lost every single last dime that I came with… I left town in a state of shock!

What the heck just happened there?! This doesn’t happen to me – I don’t LOSE!!!!!!

To this day I still can’t seem to get enough of this place.

I just don’t gamble these days..unless we are talking penny slots!

Change your outlook change your outcome!

Rohan Online Dekan Class Build (Tank PvP)

Dragon Sage Class Build (tank/pvp)

This is a great Tank/PVP build that i am using and having a lot of fun with. The main focus is using Health Drain, and Breath for your main too damage spells. Its is very important to max out Mana to health spell and Health to mana spell. These 2 spells will make you pretty much invincible with nearly no need for potting.

This build will not allow you to deal a whole lot of damage with your weapon as this build has the minimum strength but you will get a large chunk of damage dealing with Health Drain and Breathe as they are intelligence based.

For your pvp you are gonna need to rely on your ability to maximize your Rapid Lock spell and be able to use you’re Mana to Health and Health to Mana spell efficiently. So if you are not good with micro managing during battle this may not be the right build for you. Alos because of limited strength you are going to become a lucky expert at weapon/armor requirement decreasing.

This build has so many options that you can choose from for pve and pvp and has some nice DoT’s. They problem for a typical Dekan Sage build is to not supply the mana pool needed to sustain these spells. Luckily i have done a lot of calculating and have come with the proper amount of wisdom/physche needed to fully restore your health bar with Mana to Heald spell. And just enough vitality to fully recover mana bar fully from health. This build has a ton of int for the two main damage dealing spells you are going to be using: Health Drain, and Breathe.

Mana guard is where this build is going to shine and make you pretty much invincible for 60 seconds which is more than enough time to dispatch most classes in pvp.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Dragon Fighter Tree)

1. Level 5: 100% Blazing Elemental Attack, +50% Elemental Defense, 8% chance to convert 9% of damage to HP.

2. Level 1: Targeted monster attacks you, taunt duration increases as you level up.

3. Level 5: 30% melee attack for 30 minutes.

4. Level 1: -25% weapon damage, -10% physical defense, +60% attack speed.

5. Level 5: Uses 10% of HP then converts 275% of it into MP.

6. Level 5: Uses 20% of HP then converts 135% of it into damage on target.

7. Level 5: Uses 10% of MP then converts 750% of it into HP.

8. Level 5: Damages target for 700% of Magic Attack value.

9. Level 5: -100% damage from targets while stunned, lasts 30 seconds.

10. Level 5: -100% damage from targets while stunned, lasts 30 seconds.

(Dragon Sage Tree)

1. Level 5: +15% Zhen damage, lasts 30 minutes.

2. Level 1: Detects invisible players or monsters within 15 meters for 30 seconds.

3 Level 5: Decrease damage from critical hits by 500 points, lasts for 5 minutes.

4. Level 1: Cancels root.

5. Level 5: Decreases damage by 1200% of your INT value, lasts for 60 seconds.

6. Level 5: Transform into a Dragon, +25% attack, +20% HP, lasts for 8 minutes.

7. Level 5: 180% of INT+DEX values added to critical damage upon successful critical hit, lasts 30 minutes.

8. Level 5: 5% of damage dealt is absorbed to your HP.

9. Level 1: +50% attack speed, lasts 15 seconds.

10. Level 1: +50% attack speed, lasts 15 seconds.

11. Level 1: Disables targets defense and adds 50% damage.

12. Level 5: +25% chance to increase attack range and -40% damage reduction to targets within 10 meters.

13. Level 5: Doubles M.Kill count for each monster, lasts 5 minutes.

14. Level 5: Increase defense by 300.

15. Level 2: +15% to movement speed.

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