Warhammer Healer

Healers have always appealed to me. I like being able to run up behind some noob who is struggling and pop a heal and maybe a buff on him and run off. I have been healing since I hung out at the orc fort in UO and laid bandages on people who thought I was only getting close to them so I could pick their pockets. But RvR situations are when healers really shine! I absolutely love denying the other realm the chance at renown points.

There is a rumor going around that Warhammer Online healer classes are over powered. I don’t know that I would say that but Mythic has certainly moved healing past the ole target-heal-wait game. Whether you roll a dwarf healer or a dark elf healer, you can bet you will have something you could be doing in between heals.

My personal favorite so far is the melee healer. That would be the empire warrior priest and the dark elf disciple of Khaine. These priests gain their healing abilities from their weapon moves. They start with a base of 250 points and use those points to heal. When that number hits 0, the healer is out of heals! To gain those points back, they must swing their weapon or use a converter to transfer actions points (power) in to healing ability. What I have found in RvR is if you start healing, you are going to get attacked. So you heal, then defend yourself when you are attacked, keeping your healing ability available. Melee healers are also pretty hard to kill.

Another option for healing is the ranged healer. The high-elf archmage and the goblin shaman would fall in this category. These are the ones that will rock in keep defense since they can stand back and heal or dps from a distance. So if you like keeping a low profile this might be the healing class for you. You want to find a nice corner somewhere and heal and blast away, unseen until there is nothing left but bodies to count.

The last set of healers includes the dwarven rune priest and the chaos zealot. These healers buff and heal for their group. Early preparation is the key here. The thing I noticed about the zealot was that by level 6, I had a ward, heal over time, and a direct heal – all of which were instant cast so I could cast on the run. I also had a dot and direct damage that could be cast while I moved too. Perfect for a get away or a chase down – both of which happen a lot in RvR.

If Warhammer PvP sounds like your cup of tea, you should probably consider rolling one of the six healer choices. You will be harder to kill and fun to play. Read the descriptions at character creation and give it a go. You will probably have lots of fun in RvR and PvE. See ya in game!