Affiliate Marketing – 8 Powerful Secrets Super Affiliates Use to Collect Fat Checks

We all know that super affiliate make tons of money online and every one wants to do the same. I bet your are reading this article because either you want to step into affiliate Marketing or you already promoting something and want to be better at it. However just promoting an affiliate link by putting it on your website or sending an email campaign will not cut it. To become successful in Affiliate Marketing you will have to dedicate yourself to your business, notice I say business.

All super affiliate have certain thing in common and if you follow these eight tips below you are very likely to be successful. Ok! Let’s get the lid off those “secrets.”

1. Offer your customers high quality product that the can relay to.

A common mistake that a lot of beginner make is not providing relevant quality product to his customer. That one mistake is a deadly one. On the other hand a supper affiliate always provide compatible product to his customer. An example, if you have a dating site you will not offer a dog grooming e-book to your customer. However you can and will offer 10 steps to get rid of bad breath naturally. You see the difference.

2. Drive a stampede of traffic to you site.

Super affiliates are very conscious that only a fraction of their website visitors will click on their link and even a lesser number will buy. Knowing that they will play what we call the number game in the business. In a nutshell it goes like this: it takes about 500 visitors to your site to make a sale. Don’t be alarm here there is plenty of surfers out there, just need to work a little. So to drive traffic to their webpage super affiliate use strategies like those listed below:

Search engine optimization
Pay-per-click advertising
Forum and other discussion group contributions
E-mail marketing
Classified ad

3. Market your product in every possible way to provide maximum exposure.

To make a sale you need to let people know about what you are selling. Even if you have the greatest product you will need to do that. Knowing this fact super affiliates will put a whole arsenal of tools and strategies to work for them. Some of them are:

Free downloads
Members only’ content

On top of that they have mastered the art of using their list effectively.

4. Use personal endorsement to add credibility to your product.

Super affiliates have work hard in gaining the trust of their customers or subscribers. As such they know that in return those people on their list will trust their advice and recommendation. They do capitalize on that. It is like recommending a movie to a friend. However those recommendation need to be crafted in such a way that it does not sound like they are tugging at the wallet of these potential buyers.

5. Focus on related product only on your website.

We have all seen those websites that looks like a toddler’s toy chest. The site is so busy and chaotic that is hard to tell if they are selling golf product or yoga courses. These websites cry out loud beginners. Their owners think that if they put as many affiliate product as possible into their cyberspace property they will make a lot of sale. Not so! On the other a super affiliate website is clean. Even if some has several products, they are all related. If it is a dog site, they have affiliate product related only to dog.

6. Test, test and test again your promotion.

Super Affiliates are synonymous to testing. Testing is the only mean they have to improve their website conversion. They are never truly satisfied with the actual result. They are always testing different thing on their site. Every little thing is subject to testing. A comma can cause an increase in conversion and the only way to find out is by testing…

7. Showcase your affiliate product

To make money like a super affiliate one will need to showcase the affiliate product. I mean devoting enough space on the website that it is the focal point of that site. Some super affiliates have even pushed this concept a notch, they have a website dedicated to only one product. The next best thing is to have at least one product per page on the website.

8. Use your affiliate product as a back end product

This last strategy is what differentiates a super affiliate from just an affiliate. The super affiliates knows that in order to benefit the most from his affiliate program, they need to put their product in front of their customers at every available opportunity. The back end strategy consists of offering a closely related or complimentary product to the customer right after the initial sale. Various methods are at his disposition and which ever they use has the sole purpose of trying to make another sale without spending more time or money.

Here you have it the eight secrets that can propel you to affiliate stardom, but I going to give you one more, a bonus like they say in Affiliate Marketing. The Biggest secret of all to become a super affiliate is to have a lot of determination. You too can make it big in the Affiliate Marketing business, all you’ll need is the right product for your customers and apply the above strategies.