Dragon Knight Class Build (Super Tank-PVE-PVP)

If you are type of the player who is into tanking and having mass HP this Class Build is for you! You are gonna have a ton of HP and going to be able to deliver some lethal blows in PvP with Forefoot Swing.

There is plenty of HP to take on multiple mobs in PvE and not even break a sweat. You will be able to deliver some good damage with your basic attack because of your STR stat boost. In pve you won’t have to worry about running out of mana cuz you have the Health to Mana spell which because of your high hit points will max your MP bar whenever you so choose. This is a great balance between STR and VIT, you could go full vit which would enhance HP and tanking ability but lower your overall basic damage and your attack spells wouldn’t do nearly as much. You will be somewhat limited in PvP cuz of this.

The things you worry about in PvP is you man pool. If you get mana burned you are going to be in trouble, luckily you have pots for this. You have enough basic damage to counter act this though. Along with Health to Mana spell its not a big deal. Another thing to consider is you have really no way to replenish your HP besides Health Funnel and the amount of damage your do with Suction. Try not to let your HP bar below half way before you use Health Funnel or you could be in trouble… well unless you have a useable HP pot that is not on cool down. Your biggest nightmare are ranged attackers especially Magic type classes. Your only hope is to get close to them and whack away and hope your high HP holds up since you have minimal to none magic resistance.

Overall this is a really balanced and safe build that you can’t go wrong with. You won’t die much unless you run into a Dark Elf. You won’t have trouble finding parties for dungeons or boss hunting as a GOOD tank is always needed 🙂

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Dragon Fighter Tree)

1. Level 5: 100% Blazing Elemental Attack, +50% Elemental Defense, 8% chance to convert 9% of damage to HP.

2. Level 1: Targeted monster attacks you, taunt duration increases as you level up.

3. Level 5: 30% melee attack for 30 minutes.

4. Level 1: -25% weapon damage, -10% physical defense, +60% attack speed.

5. Level 5: Uses 10% of HP then converts 275% of it into MP.

6. Level 5: Uses 20% of HP then converts 135% of it into damage on target.

7. Level 1: 180% additional damage to melee attack.

8. Level 1: 80% additional damage to melee attack.

9. Level 5: 150% attack, area of effect damage to targets within 6 meters for 90% of damage from last attack.

10. Level 5: 100% attack, area of effect damage to targets within 6 meters for 90% of damage from last attack.

11. Level 1: Uses 10% of HP then converts 200% of it into HP.

12. Level 1: -100% damage from targets while stunned, lasts 10 seconds.

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Dragon Fighter Tree)

1. Level 5: +15% Zhen damage, lasts 30 minutes.

2. Level 5: Decrease damage from critical hits by 500 points, lasts for 5 minutes.

3. Level 1: Cancels root.

4. Level 5: Become invisible, -0% movement speed, lasts 5 minutes.

5. Level 5: Transform into a Dragon, +25% attack, +20% HP, lasts for 8 minutes.

6. Level 5: 5% of damage dealt is absorbed to your HP and MP.

7. Level 5: 180% of STR+DEX values added to critical damage upon successful critical hit, lasts 30 minutes.

8. Level 5: +122% attack speed, lasts 15 seconds.

9. Level 1: +10% damage.

10. Level 5: Ignores target’s defense and adds 90% damage, stuns target for 3 seconds.

11. Level 4: +150% damage, stuns target for 3 seconds.

12. Level 5: +5% change for critical hit.

13. Level 1: Target cannot use regular potions for 10 seconds.

14. Level 5: +25% to attack speed.

15. Level 5: 5% chance of stunning target for 1 second.

Credits go to http://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/rohan-online

Do You Suffer From This Poker Disease?

If you play poker you probably think you are a pretty good player, right? Most poker players think they are better than their opponents? In fact, my guess is that 90% of poker players believe they are in the top 20% of their poker playing class.

As a result, poker players catch a disease. It’s a disease that starts appearing because of a need to prove to all those who watch them play, that they are smarter and better than you. What is this affliction?

It’s FPS. Better known as Fancy Play Syndrome.

Avoid FPS. If you are one of those players who think you are smarter and better than everyone else don’t get sick with FPS.

Poker players have big egos. They over-rate their abilities and underestimate the power of their edges. As a result they try to be tricky and play backwards.

For example, playing backwards or Fancy Play Syndrome (FPS) means that instead of betting you check, or instead of checking you raise, or instead of folding you call. When you trick a player and win, it makes you feel smart but it often leads to a bad habit.

It’s not bad to be tricky once in a while. But don’t start to get too clever or you will lose hands you should win, and lose more chips in pots you shouldn’t have even entered.

And, if you spot an FPS player, take advantage of their predictable style. They are predictable because they will do the opposite-calls will mean big hands, bets will mean draws or nothing at all, and checking is a sign of a slowplay.

Rohan Online Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP-PvE)

Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP/PvE)

The half elf ranger build in my opinion is the king of solo. This build is designed to bombard enemies from an insane attack range. The Ranger has a decent critical rate and some great rooting spells.

Stat Build: Your leveling points should be distributed as 1VIT – 3 DEX or This ranger build has no psyche so you are gonna rely on pots for your mana so you must be careful not to deplete it too soon.. You will have some decent HP with 130 points of VIT just in case someone might be lucky enough to get close to you.

This build has a large distribution of DEX to boost your ranged attack quite a bit. You will have great damage and a long range to do it in.

PvE: The easiest class to solo with by far and one of the fasted classes to level also. Most mobs won’t even get close enough to you to do any damage since you have long attack range and have the ability to slow your target mobility speed. Only ranged mobs will have that chance to get a few shots off before they hit the ground bleeding. You only really need to cast one skill per mob before they die since you will be doing some nasty normal ranged attack damage. You will also have an easy time when in a high level mob grind party. You don’t really have to move around much just let tankers tank and do a little pulling here and there.

PvP: The ranger class i one of the few classes that do well against ranged and melee based classes in PvP. You take down magic type classes pretty easily and melee classes can be stunned and slowed down to a crawl before they can get to you. You can do some powerful critical damage at a long range using Critical Shot. The ranger has some great PvP skill at their disposal including Luxury Shot and Premium Shot leaving enemies with missed parts of their HP bar lol. A nice spell to initiate your PvP sequence is Speed Wind which boosts your attack speed to an insane rate that lasts 10 seconds. When a melee class finally does get to you, hit them with Brandish Kick which has a 70% chance to stun target for 9 seconds. You can kite away from enemies easily since you have increased mobility skills.

Conclusion: This ranger build is balanced and you will have extended use of your skills and will be able to solo and pvp well. You don’t have a whole lot of mana so be careful. Remember that range is your advantage, don’t let melee get to close or they will rip you up 🙂

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Half Elf Archer Tree)

1. Darkness-Level 5: Increase dark dmg 100%, res50% 8% chance decrease target’s 30% atk spd for 7 sec.

2. Psychic Pierce-Level 1: 160% of normal dmg.

3. Long Shot-Level 5: Increase 50% of attacking range for 9 min.

4. Enchanted Arrow-Level 5: Increase arrow damage by 30 for 30 min.

5. Fainting Pierce-Level 5: 35% chance decrease target movement speed by 50% for 10 sec, last 18 min.

6. Bleeding Shot-Level 1: Effect ‘bleed’ dealt 70% of normal dmg every 3 seconds, occur 5 times.

7. Nimble-Level 5: Increase dex by 30%, lasts 30 min.

8. Brandish Kick-Level 5: 70% chance stun the target that last 9 second.

9. Feeble Arrow-Level 1: Decrease target 3% of str last 30 seconds.

10. Fatal-Level 5: Critical dmg increases by dex * 3.0, last 15 min.

11. Sprint-Level 4: Increase movement speed by 80% in 27 seconds.

12. Evade-Level 1: Increase evasion rate by 10% last 18 min.

13. Piercing Root-Level 4: Normal attacks 130%, 50% chance hold the target in place for 5 second.

14. Double Strike-Level 1: Increase 20% of normal dmg, attack target twice.

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Half Elf RangerTree)

1. Crossbow Mastery-Level 5: Increase X-bow’s atk by 25%, last 30 min.

2. Open Eyes-Level 1: Instantly removes root status.

3. Trick-Level 1: Wouldn’t get attack by npc guard during gvg and during red-name period, last 5 min.

4. Detect-Level 1: Detect hidden target within the range of 10m, last 30 sec.

5. Dissapear-Level 1: 50% chance become hidden, last 30min. moving, atking or using item will expose.

6. Siege Shot-Level 5: Unable to move for 10 sec, mean while atk + 90%.

7. Murder Shot-Level 5: Increase atk dmg by murder count * 90.

8. Speed Wind-Level 5: Increase atk spd by 160%, last 10 sec.

9. Kael’s Arrow-Level 2: Create 100 bolts with dmg of 120.

10. Alacrity Blow-Level 5: Increase dex by 15%, last 30 min.

11. Strip Shot-evel 5: Ignore defense, increase dmg by 70%

12. Rank Shot-Level 1: Total damage = weapon’s rank * 50.

13. Critical Shot-Level 5: When hit the target, 90% chance occur critical hit.

14. Premium Shot-Level 1: Increases weapon’s atk by 200%.

15. Magic Guard-Level 1: Do not affect by magics for 10 seconds.

16. Luxury Shot-Level 1: Increases weapon’s atk by 200%.

17. Winged Foot-Level 5: 18 mp per sec, party member increase movement spd by 100%.

Charter to Las Vegas

Las Vegas goes by a lot of names. It’s full and proper name is The City of Las Vegas but it is also known as Las Vegas, just Vegas and also Sin City to name just a few. The fact is, Vegas is so well known it doesn’t need to go by a specific name; everyone knows that it is a major resort city nestled in the Mojave Desert and it is the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Las Vegas is the twenty-ninth most populous city in the United States and is home to some of the most well known Casinos on the planet, not to mention the most Triple A Five Diamond Hotels in the world. It is known for its hospitality, for its shows and of course for its gambling opportunities and plenty of restaurants, bars and attractions.

It’s not as if Vegas is hard to get to, on the contrary many major airlines have multiple flights a day from all across North America to Las Vegas airport, transporting thousands and thousands of people there each year. But if you step it up and charter a jet not only do you get there on your schedule you also can do away with the headaches of flying commercial.

Imagine arriving in Vegas after a luxurious trip complete with plenty of leg room, comfy seating, in flight entertainment and knowing your bags are with you every step of the way. You didn’t go through long screening lines at the airport, you didn’t have to arrive hours and hours before your flight and you got to relax, rewind and rejuvenate en route.

After a hassle free flight you are free to enjoy all that Sin City has to offer. The Casinos, the famous shows, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, the Neon Museum, the 68 parks, the 4 golf courses, the skate parks and swimming pools, and of course The Strip. After all of that it’s just a short jaunt to the Grand Canyon should you need even more incentive for the trip.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; the memories, the adventures, the misadventures the whole kit and caboodle. Why not up the adventure and charter a jet for your next trip? Chartering is less expensive than you may think, you have your choice of seating arrangements perfect for however many are in your party and best of all, you arrive in style. What are you waiting for?

How Just Half an Hour a Day Can Make You THOUSANDS

Do you ever just stare at your weekly paycheck, wishing you had earned some more money for your work? Do you sigh in discontent when you look at the number on your bank statement every month? Do you ever wish there was some way to increase that number without having to work overtime?

Of course you do. Just about every member of the middle-class has.

However, not every member of the middle-class realizes that making money doesn’t necessarily require working eight hours a day five days a week. Anybody, regardless of experience, can make consistent money by just sitting down in front of a computer for thirty minutes.

Here are just a few of the ways you can start earning money from the comfort of your own home:

1. Blogging

Creating a blog is easier than it’s ever been. And if your blog gets enough traffic, you can start earning money by allowing ads to be placed on your website. So what should you blog about? Anything you want — family life, business, politics, religion… Just try to keep some sort of consistency to keep your audience engaged.

Alternatively, you could do sponsored blogs, in which case companies pay you to write positive reviews for their products on a blog website.

2. Freelance writing

This could be anything from writing informative articles for students to writing code for an online game. If any sort of writing is your forte, this is an excellent option for you. It differs from blogging in that it provides a broader range of potential for your writing, because you have more common people requesting for your writing skills rather than big corporations.

3. Online games

This is an ideal option for somebody who has some experience in gambling. There is a myriad of websites where you can play virtual cards against real people betting real money, be it five card draw, five card stud, or blackjack. You can also play dice games like craps if cards aren’t “suited” for you. Or, you can just buy quick games that you can play alone. Of course, before choosing this method, it is important you know that gambling is legal in your state or province.

4. Paid surveys

These can be quite boring to do for thirty whole minutes, but if you stay focussed and work hard, the pay can be astounding. Just sign up to a bunch of websites and check your email every day to see if they have surveys for you to do. This helps the website learn more about its target demographic to see how they can advertise products better to its users.

5. Affiliate marketing

Of all the ways you can earn money online, this one has the greatest potential for making big money. The industry makes $12.3 million a year, and is projected to increase to $6.8 BILLION by the year 2020. As an affiliate marketer, you will advertise products for companies such as Amazon, Google AdSense, and ClickBank, and you will be paid commission for every sale that comes about due to your clicks. Amazon will typically start you at about 4% the price of the product, but ClickBank can sometimes do up to 75%.

Crazy, right? But it’s not terribly difficult to cash in on it. Just check out the resource box at the end of this article to learn more!

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to making money on the internet. The internet is like a goldmine of careers; you don’t need any special skills, a boss, or an office. All you need is computer and half an hour a day. Where will you start your online career?