Age of Conan Conqueror Class Guide

The Conqueror is one of the classes that are capable of wearing any type of armor, which means that they are not only limited to the lesser armors like silk or cloth. The trade off here is that the conqueror class cannot wield shields, primarily because many of their weapons are two-handed weapons, but also because the conqueror is an offensive minded and is more apt to carry only weapons rather than defensive equipment like a shield. Barbarian class characters try to deal out large amounts of damage in as quick an amount of time as possible, but Conquerors on the other hand tend to be a little bit more conservative in combat, using abilities that benefit not only themselves but the rest of the party as well.

Creating a tremendous fighter out of a conqueror is easy if you arm him with a two handed weapon, or a weapon in each hand. Not only are Conquerors outstanding in combat because of the caliber of the weapons that they yield, but also because they have a variety of combinations and special attacks that make them even easier to use, and even more difficult to defeat. Some of the outstanding attacks that fit into the conqueror’s arsenal are Dancing Steal, Concussive Attacks, Furious Strikes and Heroic Call.

Opting to use two different weapons rather than a single two-handed weapon does not make the Conqueror any less vicious in terms of attacking. Dual wielding characters can take advantage of attacking with twice the weaponry, making use of additional combination attacks beyond what the two-handed weaponry can offer. Conquerors can make use of Rallying Strike and Rhythm of War, two outstanding dual wielding combination moves that pack a terrible punch.

Conquerors are deadly fighters that have the added benefit of a number of beneficial auras which help them and their party members as well. Conquerors are outstanding characters that provide a truly well rounded experience in terms of game play, combat, healing and aiding other characters and so on. Players looking for a versatile character with a wide range of weapons and equipment will benefit from playing with the conqueror.

SWTOR Jedi Consular Class Review

This will be a short SWTOR Jedi Consular Class Review. The Jedi Consular is very powerful with the Force and is a fast and nimble warrior. They do not wear heavy armor, instead the wear robes and expect to deflect or parry and aggression with their double bladed lightsaber. They also use the Force to lift objects and throw them at their opponents. The Consular can spec for either tanking or dps. Their starting abilities are:

  • Saber Strike: Deals weapon damage over 3 quick melee strikes.
  • Project: Throws debris at a target. Weak opponents are stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Meditation: Restores health and Force (cannot be used during combat)
  • Revive: Revive an incapacitated player or companion.
  • Weapon Proficiency Vibroswords: Able to equip single bladed vibroswords, conventional swords, and other bladed weapons
  • Armor Proficiency Light: Able to equip light armor.

The Jedi Consular has 2 advanced classes, the Sage and the Shadow.

The Jedi Sage uses a single bladed lightsaber and has 2 main skill trees.

  • Telekinetics: Focuses on improving their Force abilities for ranged dps
  • Seer: Enhances the powers of the Force to heal and protect allies.

The Jedi Shadow uses a double bladed lightsaber and has 2 main skill trees.

  • Infiltration: Masters of stealth and burst melee damage
  • Kinetic Combat: Tank spec that uses the double bladed lightsaber to protect themselves and allies.

Both advanced classes share the Balanced skill tree which increases the Sage’s Force attacks and enhances the Shadow’s Force and lightsaber skills.

All the classes in SWTOR can have up to 5 companions who will act as their crew. They can be assigned to do various tasks such as craft items, gather resources and go on missions. The Jedi Consular companions are:

Qyzen Fess

  • Species: Male Trandoshan
  • Planet: Tython
  • Melee tank with heavy armor
  • Uses Electrostaff or Vibrosword
  • Crew skills: +5 Biochem Critical, +15 Archaeology

Nadia Grell

  • Species: Female Mirialan
  • Planet: Belsavis
  • Melee DPS with light armor
  • Uses Doublebladed Lightsaber
  • AOE melee kit
  • Crew skills: +10 Synthweave Efficiency, +2 Diplomacy Critical

Theran Cedrex

  • Species: Male Human
  • Planet: Nar Shaddaa
  • Ranged healer/techie with medium armor
  • Uses a Pistol and Healing kit
  • Special: Toggleable healing mode
  • Crew skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Slicing Efficiency


  • Species: Male Twi-lek
  • Planet: Balmorra
  • Ranged DPS with heavy armor
  • Uses a Sniper Rifle and AOE damage kit
  • Crew skills: +15 Investigation Efficiency, +1 Underworld Trading Critical

Lt. Iresso

  • Species: Male Human
  • Planet: Hoth
  • Ranged tank with heavy armor
  • Uses a Blaster Rifle or Pistol and a tanking/taunting kit
  • Crew skills: +2 Armstech Critical, + 2 Scavenging Critical

This was a quick SWTOR Jedi Consular Class Review to provide you with information that you can use to see if this is the type of character you would be interested in play with.

Aion Priest Class Guide

Priests are one of the most important and popular classes in Aion, and if you start your game off as a Priest, you are almost certain to secure a place in a group raid, since a Priest can be crucial to the survival and success of group raids. Their primary job is to heal, protect, fortify and to weaken the enemy. They are responsible to keep the team healthy and running, while also ensuring to buff them to save their skins, so all the party members value the importance of a Priest, which also makes the Priest a high priority target for the opposing party, true in the case of a P v P battle.

One advantage that attackers have is the fact that the Priest, though plays a role in healing other players, is weak when it comes to armor protection, and is only covered by leather armor, so it always smart to escort a Priest with a character of a class that can strongly resist attacks, like a Warrior class character. But that does not mean that they are not capable of a fight, in fact they can make a significant difference in the battlefield. Apart from using staves, maces, and being the only class other than Warriors to be able to protect themselves with shields, the primary weapon of a Priest are spells. These spells can either be used for healing or for inflicting damage on the enemies. It is spells in which the Priest class earns all its specialties that matter, which especially make a difference in its specializations. The Priest class specializes to either become Chanters or Clerics, as winged Daevas after they are offered the Daeva Quest in level 9.

In the advanced level, the Priest class displays its skills as a Chanter, which is the ultimate buff creator in the game, obviously buffing allies and debuffing enemies and being the more combatant of the two Priest specialization classes, while a Cleric, which is similar in some ways to the Spiritmaster specialization of the Mage, can resurrect dead allies and possesses greater healing powers than any of the classes.

The spells are the special weapons of the Priest, and are used for two purposes: Healing and Long Range Damage Attacks. These two powers are the main pillars of a Priest’s survival in the early levels, and developing these powers becomes one of the most distinctive and valuable attribute of this class. The Priest class can further excel its skills in spells to include powers like armor boosting, enhanced healing powers, resurrection powers, increasing heal-over-time recovery, and halting enemy movement for a brief period of time.

Choosing the Right Class in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is an interesting Facebook entertainment application that’s obtained good reputation since its release. There are plenty of loots and items that you can find inside the game. Mafia Wars continues on, getting interesting with time as you continue to acquire loot within the application.

Hardcore players believe that the essence of this game is to pick the best character type. If you haven’t selected the right character in Mafia Wars, you might have to revise your strategy. Different character-specialization have different pros and cons therefore the players must modify their tactics accordingly. However, a player would like to first find out what suits them best so that they can start Mafia Wars with the best character class.

You can begin the game with either of these 3 classes.




The Mogul is good for those who want to focus more on the make of money over fights. If you choose to grow your domains by making it economically strong, then you should pick the Mogul. Moguls receives extra cash from the jobs than other classes do.

The Maniac regains energy faster than the other types. This allows players to complete the levels faster than other classes. However, some deny that choosing Maniac would be a wise choice. This will be discussed later.

The Fearless regains health faster than the other types.

You can experiment to see what fits you best, it is known though, that the Fearless class would suit most Mafia Wars players. It will allow you to complete the levels very fast. Maniac players might get energy recovered quicker, but they cannot become the Wheelman for their companions. The Fearless is the only class that can serve as Wheelman. It means that you won’t require energy for jobs. Your Fearless will accomplish jobs without using energy 4 to 5 times in a level after becoming Wheelman. In the end, Fearless will easily surpass the Maniac and Mogul.

Warhammer Chosen Guide – A Chaos Class Strategy Guide

The Chosen Champions are ferocious front line warriors of the Chaos army. Tzeentch, the Raven God, has bestowed great powers to the Chosen, in the form of Dark Gifts. These powers of Chaos strengthen their abilities and the abilities of those in their group.

The main role of the Chosen in groups is to tank and buff the party with auras. Being able to wear heavy armor and wield shields, the Chosen can take beating while still dishing out a large amount of damage. Their auras help reduce damage even more, and can increase dps or do some light healing, making them an excellent class for soloing. But in groups is where their buffs really come into play. Being able to increase dps for the entire group and increase resists means less damage to the party and less down time.

In realms versus realm play, the Chosen is a difficult opponent to beat. Their ability to take a ton of damage and deal out damage, combined with the effects of their auras, means serious trouble for anyone caught on the wrong side of the battlefield. Having a healer assigned to them in RvR makes them an almost unstoppable force. The main weakness for the Chosen is ranged attacks. Without a ranged attack of their own, in order for them to deal out the massive amount of damage they are capable of doing, they must close in on ranged attackers before they are allowed to do to much damage.

Whether in PvE or RvR, the Chosen are formidable warriors that are difficult to bring down. Learning to play your Chosen character properly is vital if you expect to lead your party into battle.