Maplestory Hp Washing Basics and Why People Consider It

For many job classes in Maplestory, hit point (hp) washing can make fighting bosses and general training easier. More hp, obviously, means a better chance of surviving an attack from a monster and for some classes to fight the stronger bosses, it is almost required to either hp wash, “blood” wash or be a very high level in order to have the hit points to survive. Hp washing is not cheap to do a lot of and will rarely, if ever be needed by anyone who does not plan to fight the stronger bosses in Maplestory.

That said, though it can be very helpful and anyone who feels like paying the high price tag would greatly benefit from this kind of character enhancement, it definitely is not required to enjoy the game for most classes in most situations maplers will find themselves in.

Magic point (mp) washing is usually only used to enhance the effects of hp washing as will be explained later. Having more mp isn’t as helpful for surviving anything, but the effects of having more can help out in other ways.

The first few steps for both hp washing and blood washing is the same. After you level up, you add ap points to your hp. For blood washing this is all there is to it. For hp washing there are another couple of steps. First you buy as many ap resets as you added points to hp. You then use it and take one point out of mp and add your now free point to your desired stat. This is the very basics of blood and hp washing.

Magic point (mp) washing is basically the same thing as hit point washing, except you add points to mp instead of hp. Normally, like hp washing, when you reset points it’s taken out of mp. There is a good reason for this. Normally, you will get more points in mp after this process than before. The amount of extra MP gained is dependent on class, skills and total Int (including equipment).

Important note: You can not take points out of hp or mp unless points have been put into them. For example, if you put 2 points into hp, you can take, at most, 2 points total out of either hp or mp.

Here’s a list of the whole hp/mp washing plan step by step. This will include concepts explained in later articles.

1. Equip Int equipment just before leveling and level up (reasoning explained in other articles)

2. Check what your minimum MP will be and compare to current mp (explained in another article)

3. Put one AP into HP/MP

4. If you are blood washing (not using ap resets) stop here, otherwise continue to step 5

5. Use AP reset to take one AP out of MP. (AP reset window pops up)

6. Put the AP point into desired stat

7. Click OK/yes on window

8. Repeat from step 2 if you have more points

9. Equip your regular equipment and carry on

That’s the basics of hp and mp washing. Though it can get very expensive, very quickly, even a little HP and/or MP washing can help just about every job class in Maplestory and still be within most people’s budgets.