Do You Suffer From This Poker Disease?

If you play poker you probably think you are a pretty good player, right? Most poker players think they are better than their opponents? In fact, my guess is that 90% of poker players believe they are in the top 20% of their poker playing class.

As a result, poker players catch a disease. It’s a disease that starts appearing because of a need to prove to all those who watch them play, that they are smarter and better than you. What is this affliction?

It’s FPS. Better known as Fancy Play Syndrome.

Avoid FPS. If you are one of those players who think you are smarter and better than everyone else don’t get sick with FPS.

Poker players have big egos. They over-rate their abilities and underestimate the power of their edges. As a result they try to be tricky and play backwards.

For example, playing backwards or Fancy Play Syndrome (FPS) means that instead of betting you check, or instead of checking you raise, or instead of folding you call. When you trick a player and win, it makes you feel smart but it often leads to a bad habit.

It’s not bad to be tricky once in a while. But don’t start to get too clever or you will lose hands you should win, and lose more chips in pots you shouldn’t have even entered.

And, if you spot an FPS player, take advantage of their predictable style. They are predictable because they will do the opposite-calls will mean big hands, bets will mean draws or nothing at all, and checking is a sign of a slowplay.

Poker Book Review – All In – An E-guide To No Limit Texas Hold’em by Amarillo Slim Preston

I am really not much of a book reviewer but I would like to share this with you. While visiting Amarillo Slim’s new website I came across Amarillo Slim’s new ebook, All In: An E-guide To No Limit Texas Hold’em, I believe it to be the greatest and most educational book on poker yet. With so many books about poker on the market at first I was skeptical, figuring old Slim was just trying to cash in on the poker craze like everyone else but then I read the book and found It is just simply written and easy to understand. The chapter on hand odds is worth the price of the book, much less the starting hands and tells chapters that give a special insight to a great poker mind at work and a story you will not want to miss. this book also dives into many other aspects of poker including psychology, table position, and of course finding games you can beat. This book was not only informative but very entertaining.

So if you are looking for some good reading or a poker lesson that you actually learn something from, this is the book for you.

Amarillo Slim Preston is a true poker legend, member of five halls of fame, winner of five WSOP bracelets, including the WSOP Championship in 1972. Besides poker, he is also known as a world class billiard’s player and one of the most publicized proposition gamblers in history, making him one of the most successful and recognizable gamblers the world has ever known.